Saturday, June 8, 2013

Few Lines Time...

Few Line Time….

Explore The Color of Seven….

“I saw a man, a dark man. He black as coal, but dat ain’t why he dark. He big, one of de biggest I ever seen, an’ dats a gift from de dark side, but he both more and less den a bokor.”

“I doan understand.”

“I doan neither, yet, not ‘xactly. But he ain’t a bokor ‘cause he choose to be. Not one whut takes his power and sharpens it on purpose, devotin’ his life to studyin’ de bitter Loa. He do know some of de rituals of power, and he use ‘em, but he doan understan’ ‘em. He use ‘em lik’ a little chile doan know how to read yet still can say his ‘a-b-c’s.”

And from Jamie Hill’s Family Honor

He pulled a bigger knife from his pocket.  “I know you’re gonna be whoever I want you to be.  I’m gonna call you ‘Mama’ and you’ll call me ‘Dickie’.  If you don’t like it, our little game will end a lot sooner.  It’ll be disappointing for me but I can live with it.”  He smiled.  “Not sure you can.”

Family Honor by Jamie Hill

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