Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Few Lines More...

 A Few Lines More…

          Dusk.  That special time, not day, not night.  When darkness and light merge together and form that special color.  The Color of Dusk…

Joshua and Sadie, comfortably ensconced by the iron stove, sipped coffee from steaming mugs. Outside, the wind howled, making sure everyone knew just how bitter the night was. A hesitant knock sounded on the door, so softly Joshua wasn’t sure it was anything but the wind.

“Was that the door?”

“Lord, I hope not. Bad night, an’ I think all de beds full.”

“If that’s a knock, we’ll have to find someplace. It’s freezing out there.” He opened the door. He had to drop his gaze from eye level to see her.

She was very small, no more than five foot two or three. She hugged a big cloak to her tightly, shivering in its folds. Joshua looked into dark blue eyes. Strands of black hair had escaped their confining bun and hung, limply now, around her face. Exhaustion and illness tinted a naturally fair complexion to ghostly white.

“I—” The caller stopped and attempted to clear the croak from her voice. Bad sore throat there, Joshua knew. He hadn’t pursued any formal medical education but he hadn’t forgotten his early training, either. If he lived in one of the small towns on the western frontier, he’d probably have ended up serving as town doctor.

“It’s late, I know,” the caller spoke again. “I’m sorry, but I heard, someone told me—I don’t have anywhere else to go,” she finished, and simply stood.
Joshua took her arm and pulled her inside.

“You do now,” he said, and led her to the stove.

“I—thank you,” she said. “I won’t bother you for long.” Her eyes rolled upward and she pitched forward to the floor.

And from Jude Pittman’s Kelly McWinter P.I. Series, a few lines from Deadly Consequences—

A shot rang out from the direction of the stables. Kelly leapt oout of his chair, grabbed the gun out of his jacket pocket and slapped the screen door open.

“What the damn hell?” He yelled as he raced towards the broodbarn, where Jake, alerted by the gunshot, stood in front of the closed doors barking like a beast gone rabid.

“Easy boy,” Kelly said, approaching the door with his weapon drawn.  “Gilly, you okay in there?”  Kelly reached the door and pulled the handle.  It held fast.  Someone had apparently locked it from inside.

“Gillian?” Kelly called in a voice laced with fear and Jake once again started his frantic barking.

“Okay. Stand down.” Kelly spoke to the dog, then placed his ear against the door and listened.

From inside came the sounds of sobbing.

“Gillian.” Kelly yelled again.  “For God’s sake, open the door.”

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