Country Justice

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What goes around comes around. That’s justice. Especially in small towns where everybody knows how many eggs you ate for breakfast before you've even left the Scales of Justice Café. Funny thing, though. Usually what everybody thinks they know—they really don’t. Take the folks in Turkey Creek. Oh, everybody knows Maggie Kincaid doesn’t speak to her father. They think they know why. But they don’t. They know Billy Brayton died twenty-five years back. Too bad nobody told him. Because now he’s home. And it’s time to right some past wrongs. Time for justice. Country Justice. (Previously published as Down Home.)


Clayton Chapel loomed out of the darkness, caught in the spear of the patrol cruiser’s headlights. Deputy Alec Wimberly left the engine running per protocol and got out to do his obligatory night check walk-around, eyes open for stray teenagers. Clayton Chapel’s reputation drew them like magnets. He ran the flashlight’s beam around the dark windows of the second floor. And froze. For just a moment.

He raced hell bent for leather back to the car and scrambled in. The cruiser careened down the country road in a flurry of squealing wheels and flying gravel. He didn’t look back. If he looked back, he’d see it. He knew he would. The silhouette of a little girl in banana curls, backlit in the window. Pounding organ music still rang in his ears.

He slowed just enough to negotiate a wide turn onto Highway 96. Back on the asphalt, he could pretend it never happened. He checked the speedometer and eased off the gas. Or tried to. For a moment his foot, lead on the pedal, wouldn’t obey. He reached to his shoulder and hit the send button on his radio phone.

“Rockland 19, back on patrol from property check at Clayton Chapel.”

“Ten-four Rockland 19.” Dispatcher Aileen Sanders hesitated. “You okay, Nineteen? You sound kinda funny.”

“Fine. Nineteen out.” His heart rate slowed. I didn’t see anything. I didn’t see anything, I didn’t hear anything, and I’m never gonna see it again. Because I ain’t goin’ back there alone. Ever. 

My favorite author, Ms Roughton, has hit another one out of the park. My three favorite books (War N Wit- The Witch, War N Wit- Resurrection and Trianlges) are all written by Ms Roughton. So I had very high expectations for Country Justice. As the other reviewers have stated, this book is about Billy Brayton coming back home to a small town in middle Georgia. He may have a score to settle, but in the end, everyone settles a few scores. I thought I knew where this book was going.... oh it went there and more. I was laughing at how smart she was to pull a few "fast ones" on me. So if you think this is a simple book where the small town boy returns to get the girl.... hold on tight. This is a big girl ride and not for someone who wants a simple easy love story. I would love to brag about a few other sub plots that were exciting but it would definitely be spoiler alerts. I would not have wanted anyone to tell me that info, so I will do the same for you. If you do decide to pass on this book, consider putting it on your wish list and take a look at it again when there are more reviews. I am not a friend of the author but was born and raised in middle GA which was my initial interest in her first book.       ~J. Boyd, Amazon, January 18, 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars Country Justice Kicks Country Ass 
This book smokes. Simply said. The characters live, breathe, talk like real people. Georgia comes alive in this book. The mystery is enthralling, plot twists surprise. It's a place I want to visit, minus the frightening villains in the book, of course. Ms. Roughton has conceived a tale that envelops the reader, takes them to a comfortable place, then yanks the rug out. No fair. But much fun. Romance, deceit, action, memorable characters, and a hang-dog grasp upon regional Georgia. Highly recommended.  ~Stuart R. West, Amazon, January 25, 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars Classic Gail Roughton
I have not read anything written by Gail Roughton that has not been top notch. She has such a way with words and the development of her characters beats most writers that I have read (and believe me, I have read lots and lots of writer's books). The story keeps you on edge enough to make the journey through her book most enjoyable. I look forward to more and more by Gail Roughton. Maggie has to be the most strong willed person in the world to continue living the life she chose (surviving and raising a son while her heart aches for one man for over 25 years). You won't regret reading this one, I assure you. ~ Linda L. Roy, Amazon, February 20, 2014

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