Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Few Lines More...

It’s that time again.  Time for a few lines.  Let’s go visit Savannah, shall we?  And  Resurrection…

“G. Who the hell is he?”

“His name is Legion.”

“Very funny. What’s his name?”

“Legion. That’s the name he’s using.”

“Damn. He thinks he’s that good?”

“Or that bad. All we got right now, we’re still working on the original name. Kind of in a bind here, if we knew the real name, it’d help discover what other power he has that he needs to intensify. And if we knew his other powers, it’d probably be a lot easier to come up with his real name. Whatever it is, it’s something that really helps if you’re running a scam. Old Ollie was a garden variety medium with a touch of pre-cog. Both of which could be useful scams to run. What powers does Ariel actually have?”

And a few lines from Exposure, an erotic thriller by Lisabet Sarai...

The back door, I discover, is unlocked. I’m one hundred percent certain I didn’t 
leave it that way. Carefully, keeping my body behind the door, I scan the yard. 
The light filtering from the kitchen windows is bright enough for me to see that there is no one in my little square of turf. It also shows me crushed tomato 
plants and bean vines torn from their trellises, clearly marking the intruder’s escape route.

At that point, my rage finally overwhelms my fear. I pour myself a finger of scotch and sit at the kitchen table, simmering in helpless anger and vowing some kind of revenge.

Then a horrible thought crosses my mind. Jimmy knew I would be out tonight. He was the only one who knew. Was it possible that he was involved in all this, somehow? Is it possible that smiling Jimmy might have betrayed me?

The balance shifts again. Shudders shake my body. Sitting alone under the fluorescent lights, gripping my drink, I am paralyzed by the realization that I don’t know who I can trust. If anyone.

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