Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Few More Lines From...

How ‘bout a few more teasers?  Those few lines that hopefully, makes a reader want to devour a book?

From the Dark Series, Book 1, The Color of Seven:

 Where he came from, no one knew. He didn’t know himself. Sometimes he thougtht he’d merely sprung, full-grown, from the depths of the deepest swamps, the darkest bayous, of Louisiana. No one remembers babyhood and early childhood consists of bright splashes of color highlighting fields of darkness stretching gradually into full memory, but Cain remembered no bright splashes. 

And from Snatched by Vijaya Schartz:

There, in the bright light, walked a tall muscular man, young, his long blond hair framing a tan face with icy gray eyes... The visage of Adonis on Hercules’ body.

Zania’s gaze roamed over the regular lines of his jaw, the full, sensual lips, dimpled chin, down the expanse of his hairless pectorals, and stopped on the leather cod piece embossed with Tor’s hammer. That’s all he wore. So, he was a Viking.


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