Saturday, July 7, 2012

Resurrection - It's a Real Blast From the Past!

Well, the honeymoon’s over.  And a darn good thing, too. Chad and Ariel Garrett, the dynamic duo of War-N-Wit, Inc. learned first hand in The Witch that honeymoons can (almost) kill you.  They’re really looking forward to settling in at Chad’s farm, Pine Whisper Plantation.  But Oliver Hedgepath, major domo of the Resurrection Society, wants them on a case.  And he just won’t take “no” for an answer.  Chad and Ariel are in for a real blast from the past – but whose past?

“This Tear of Isis thing. Say it’s real. What does it do?”
“They. What do they do. There’re three of them. If they still exist or ever existed. So what’s one of ‘em doing in the possession of Hedgepath in a restored house on Jones Street in Savannah, Georgia?”
“What’s Magic Man doing in the middle of a hundred acres outside a crossroad like Quitman, Georgia?”
“Point taken. The Tears of Isis are supposed to be just that, of course. Crystalized tears of the Goddess Isis. Discovered in the Temple of Isis during the excavation of Pompeii in 1764.”
“Pompeii? Not Egypt?”
“Nope. Pompeii. Anyway, what they do is, they allow anyone with any trace memories of a past life to view them. Their past lives.”
“Seems sorta iffy to me. If the viewer is the only one viewing them, they could claim they were anything—anybody.”
“Enter the Seers. One Seer for each Tear. And they don’t see just their own past lives. When they gaze into the Tear while another person’s holding it, they see the lives of the other person, not their own.”
For real?”
“That’s the story. Whether it’s real, your guess is as good as mine. I’m too much of a skeptic. I’ve seen too many things having nothing to do with magic, just with people, to ever blindly believe any legend of magic without having the proof in front of my eyes. Or of anything else, either.”
His voice had darkened. It matched the shadows in the room thrown by the flickering flames from the fireplace. That law enforcement background. I took it as further confirmation of my suspicion that all of his experience wasn’t listed on the Bio page of his website. I knew he’d seen things, done things, the ordinary person couldn’t imagine and wouldn’t want to. And I’d never ask about any of it unless he wanted to share. He continued, “So I don’t believe every magic fairy tale I hear unless I experience it myself, or know somebody I trust did.”
I stretched my hand out and picked up the picture again. “Interesting, though. Very pretty. The real thing must be absolutely beautiful, full of changing colors. It even shows some of the colors in the picture.”
Chad reached over and took it from my hand. “Does it? I don’t see anything.”
I looked again. “Hints here and there. Must be the lighting.”

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